My sunglasses collection.

Hello everyone! 
Earlier this year, I made a resolution and collecting sunglasses was one of them.
I've been eyeing and buying sunnies (pun intended) recently.
Therefore, a few days ago I decided to shoot a short and fun video showing my current sunglasses collection. 

Guys, this is my first official youtube video and I'm pretty excited about it! Woop woop!
Hope you guys enjoy it and I would love to shoot more videos like this one.
Let me know if there's anything else you would like to see. <3

White round sunglasses - Urban Outfitters
Oversized sunglasses - Michael Kors
Polka/heart dotted sunglasses - American Eagle
Beaded sunglasses - American Eagle
Black oversized sunglasses - Marc Jacobs
Geometric shaped sunglasses - Aldo


Blanc l'été.

Dress: American Eagle / Fedora: Forever 21 / Sunglasses: Urban Outfitters
Photos by: Jonathan David Garde Casana
Edited by me

Okay, if you happen to be following me on Instagram, I made a claim that whites are gonna be my favourite this summer. So far, it really is. It looks so effortless and simple, yet it's still classy and stylish. I finished my look with white sneakers. If every woman should have a little black dress in their wardrobe, I think they should also have white sneakers (it just goes with everything and again, classic). Seriously, they're the comfiest shoes out there and perfect for strolling around downtown, or anywhere but the beach. Added a huge white sunglasses as well cause the sun was shining in Montreal. 
Perfect start for summer two-oh-one-five.

 These photos were taken in Mont Tremblant and some are from Montreal. Both places were gorgeous. We celebrated my parent's twenty-third anniversary, which was lovely. We totally had fun, we even went hiking in the morning, ate crepes (which is totally awesome), had good laughs while wondering around, and yes, we took lots of photos too. I must say, I do understand some French words/phrases but I think I should learn more cause I was nervous every time I had to order something 
or talk to someone. Haha. Great experience overall!

Any plans for the summer? 
What about the style you're pulling off this summer?
Let me know!