Fashion day all year.

Scarf: Urban Outfitters | Leather Jacket : Guess | Boots: Old Navy | Shoulder bag: Coach

Toronto Fashion Week passed by really quick.
Sadly, I wasn't able to attend any events because it was during the week where school was at it's peak. My "Fashion week" included lots and lots of coffee, studying, procrastinating, sleeping for 3 hours, not going to the gym, not wearing any makeup, and of course, I was wearing comfy clothes all throughout the week. After surviving what seemed like a very short week, I decided to have my own "Toronto fashion day" somewhere in downtown Toronto. Haha.

During Fashion week, you suddenly see a lot of people wearing distinct style or outfit. You see a lot of diversity in clothing and the uniqueness of what people are wearing. But why do these clothes only show up during fashion week and not everyday? I think that everyone should definitely have their fashion day everyday! Isn't that gonna be fun? Flaunting your style and expressing who you are through your clothes (or anything, really) everyday, not only during fashion week.

Have you attended any Fashion events before?
Let me know how it went!


Visit to Cacao 70.

My family and I recently visited this amazing place one Sunday afternoon. 
The weather was still chilly and while walking around Distillery District, we stumbled upon this cafe.
The room is very cozy and the staff were super friendly. Oh, might as well add that the food were amazing!

Waffle/Food Experience - 4/5
Okay, I'm a huge fan of waffles. Either a dessert waffle or a savoury waffle. The one I had (pictured above) was the "Choco-Nut Waffle". The first plan was that my mom and I would just share. But when the plate came, I think my mom only had a bite or two (sorry mom! Haha) because I finished it right away (cause who wants a melted ice cream all over their plate, right? Not me.). It was so good! It was topped with vanilla ice cream, candied hazelnuts, and drizzled with melted milk chocolate. There were fresh strawberries and bananas on the side as well (if you want to convince yourself that you're eating healthy). 

Another thing that my family enjoyed was the "Grilled Marshmallows". Making s'mores indoor is now definitely possible. The experience was fun. You get to grill (or burn) your marshmallows. Then you dip it in chocolate and make s'mores. It was fun and we totally enjoyed it.

Drinks - 5/5
I heard so many people talk good things about their hot chocolate, therefore, I ordered one. It's called the "American Style Hot Chocolate" and you can choose how sweet you want it to be. The one I ordered (pictured above) was semi-sweet chocolate. You can really tell that they used cacao for their drink (it's not the typical Nutella taste). It wasn't too sweet or too dark, just the right balance! I definitely recommend this drink if you're planning to visit!

Atmosphere/Decor - 5/5
As mentioned before, this place was really cozy. The lights were warm and they also have huge windows which add great lighting. You can see the chefs making your food because of their open kitchen concept. Which I find really cool cause you can just stare at your food and at them whilst waiting (which I definitely didn't do. Haha).

Price - 4/5
The pricing here is reasonable. You're dining in for experience, desserts, and a really good hot chocolate!

You can find Cacao 70 at 28 Gristmill Lane in Distillery District. 
I'm definitely going to be visiting again!

If you liked this post and want to see more cute places in Toronto - or maybe you have a favourite place that I can visit next time, let me know!!