My winter must haves.

When winter comes, there are certain things that you should have (or what I think I should).Therefore, I'm sharing you my winter must haves. These stuffs are always with/on me. They're very handy during the cold days.

1. Scarf 
Scarves are pretty good in keeping you warm. I personally love infinity scarf. 
They're easy to put on and I don't have to worry about the dangling cloth 
that a normal scarf have (you know what I mean?). 
The scarf pictured above is from Aldo accessories.
2. Hand cream
Hand creams are a must because winter is also the season for dry hands. I am currently in love with Glysomed's cream. 
I totally recommend it to anyone who wants to keep their hands soft. I believe they also offer an unscented one. 
I got this cream from Shoppers Drug Mart (if you live in Canada) or maybe you can find it in any drugstore. 
3. Hat
I love wearing hat. They're comfy, they keep you warm, and it can also be used as a
hair accessory. I got my hat from Aldo accessories.
4. Sunglasses
You never know when the sunshine will hit you. So, a handy sunglasses is a must. 
You will still want to protect your eyes from the sun even it's winter, right? 
I got my sunglasses from Aldo accessories, again. 
5. Wallet
Well, I guess you should always have your wallet with you. No matter what the season is. 
It's always in my bag. I got mine from Kate Spade.
6 & 8. Lip balms
 Cold weather makes everyone's lips chapped and dry. So it makes sense to bring lip balms with you 
all the time. My current favourites are Elizabeth Arden's, and EOS lip balm. 
7. Lippies
Add a little colour to your face using lippies. L'Oreal has a lot of colours to choose from. 
I like their lippies cause they're very easy to apply. You don't even need a mirror.
9. Gloves
Yes my friends. You need to keep your hands warm. The one pictured above is from Juicy Couture and 
I believe it was a present. They're very handy (pun not intended) and 
you don't have to remove it when your phone bleeps.
10. Phone
Again, you should always have your phone with you (I think). 
In this century, most people have one. And you all know what a phone is used for. :)

I guess that's the must haves according to moi

All the lip balms I own. 
I believe there's more but I couldn't find all of it. 
They're literally everywhere, in my coats, bags, and nowhere to be found.
(Maybelline's Baby Lips, EOS, Nivea, and the Body Shop)

Hand creams I own.
(The Body Shop, Glysomed, EOS, and Bath & Body Works)
Hope you liked this post.
So let me know:
What are your must haves?



  1. I have baby lips and EOS! I love them

  2. Great list! Hand cream is a definite must!