What I got for my birthday

Hello everyone!
I know, it's been a long time since I last posted on my blog. Life has just been pretty busy.
Anyways, here I am! Back at it again. Hopefully. :D

So for those of you who didn't know, I celebrated my 21st birthday on October 9th. WOOP WOOP!
I had a great time spending it with my friends and family. Also, for those of you who 
kindly greeted me and messaged me on my special day, THANK YOU SO MUCH! 
It meant a lot to me! <3

I just want to share with you all what I received on my birthday and please note that this is not me bragging about what I got. I, myself, enjoy this kind of posts and seeing what other people received on their birthdays. :) So, without further a due. Let's get started!!!

1. Smashbox lighting theory
Would any of you believe that this is my FIRST palette ever? 
I have yet to try this palette since I got it but I'm super excited to use it!
I've heard  read so many good things about this. So, I can't wait to play around with it!
This one is from my brother! <3

2. Alex and Ani's bangle bracelet
I've been eyeing this bracelet for so long and my brother gave this to me.
Everyone knows that I'm someone who loves the sun, a heliophile.
Love the warmth it brings on my skin, the way it shines, the way it brings joy everywhere,
and the way it symbolizes new beginnings.
Everyday, as the sun rises, is a new beginning. 

3. Pandora's birthstone ring
This one is from my parents.
It's one size bigger on me so I need to exchange it for a smaller one. :)
Love this ring so much and I prefer rings more than earrings and my mom knows that
so they got me this! Can't wait to get the right size and wear it forever!

4. Anthropologie's hair clip
This clip is gorgeous but since it's designed with different stones,
it can be pretty heavy. Still love it though!

5. Pajamas
Fun fact: I'm wearing the mint green one as I write this very line. :D
They're super comfy and I know I'll be living in these all winter long.

6. Indigo, card, and cake
These are from my amazing friends (Jasmine, Roua, and Zainab) from Uni.
We had a pre-birthday celebration two days before my birthday and they are the sweetest.
They surprised me with a birthday cake (that I couldn't keep forever, so, I kept the nutrition facts sticker instead), a card with some of our mutual friends birthday message, and an Indigo bookstore gift card (cause they know it's my all time favourite place). Thanks girls! <3

7. Adidas' hoodie
My brother got me this long before my birthday and I've been wearing it ever since even
though it's not that cold outside. Haha. This is a must-have for me during the colder season.
Take it from me: Everyone NEEDS an over-sized hoodie for fall.

8. Black pointed boots
I believe that I will be wearing these booties everyday for fall.
Thanks mom! <3

Last but not the least.....

9. Blue Jays Tulowitzki jersey
Baseball is my favourite sport to watch and getting this jersey is the most amazing thing ever.
If you guys don't know what Blue Jays is, well, let me tell you something about it...
It's the most amazing baseball team ever!!! 'nuff said. Haha.
Tulowitzki is my major man in the team and my snapchat is filled with
his face whenever they're playing. :D I'm just hoping he'll be in the Jays forever.

Fun fact: Tulowitzki's birthday is on October 10th and mine is on October 9th! Crazy huh?! :D
Oh. And on the day of my birthday, Blue Jays swept Texas Rangers in a best-of-5 game.
Now we're heading to the ALCS!!!

Hope you enjoyed this post! :)
Belated Happy Thanksgiving to all my fellow Canadians.


  1. Happy Birthday! You got so many amazing gifts! I love the Anthropologie hair clip

  2. Happy belated birtdthday Jedi!!! So many cool gifts! You've been spoiled!;)

    1. I know I have! :D Thank you Jeanne! <3

  3. Happy birthday :-) You got a lot wonderful presents, especially jewelry <3

    1. I knoow! I've been spoiled. Thank you love! <3

  4. Och, perfect!
    Happy Birthday! :)

  5. Amazing post, dear! :) Do you want to follow each other? If yes, please follow me with GFC, write a comment and I follow you back :)

  6. Boots are perfect!
    I follow you!

  7. Happy belated birthday and many happy returns of the day. You got wonderful stuff for your birthday, girl. That smashbox palette looks like something I need in my life.

    1. I have yet to try it! :) Thank you so much Lenya! Much love! <3

  8. Oh, the smashbox palette looks amazing, I love it! Happy belated birthday! :)
    You have a gorgeous blog, would you like to follow each other?

    1. Thanks a lot! I stopped by your blog! <3

  9. Happy late birthday! Those boots are to die for.

  10. You got such great things! :) Happy belated birthday x


  11. So nice things !!

  12. Very Nice !
    Kiss, Lidy

  13. Happy belated! I love everything you got!

  14. Happy belated! I love everything you got!