Real Techniques haul.

Hello everybody!

I've been watching a lot of beauty vlogs lately (only in my free time though).
Most of the videos that I watched included Real Techniques' brushes. 
Their collections are pretty popular even though their first brushes were released in 2011 (I believe). 
After reading so many great reviews about them, I decided to order them online. Finally. 
Left to right: Core Collection, Blush Brush, Starter Set

As some of you may know, I don't usually put makeup on on everyday basis (I was blessed with a pretty fair skin. Haha). Since I'm already 19, (I don't know if that's too young for makeup. No? Good.) I want to be more lady-like (yea right, haha). Having said that, these brushes are pretty much my first actual set (I do have some Body Shop brushes though) and I'm very pleased with my purchase. 
They're worth the price! Now let's talk about 'em.

Core Collection ($22.02 CAD)
*Includes case
  • Buffing brush: This brush is used to apply a full coverage application of powder and foundation. This brush is pretty dense and it will definitely give you an even application of foundation. This brush can also be used as a blush brush since it's very soft and picks up the right amount of powder.
  • Contour brush: Yup! You guessed it right! It's used for contouring. This is used to define the apples of your cheeks.
  • Foundation brush: Almost everyone's review about this was right. This brush is too tiny for distributing foundation to your face. If you use this as a foundation brush, I guarantee that you will need some extra time. I think this can be used as a concealer brush under your eyes!
  • Detailer brush: This brush can be used as a lip brush or as a concealer brush to cover some spots. Two in one!

Starter Set ($22.02 CAD)
*Includes case
  • Deluxe crease brush: This brush works great for blending your eyeshadows. It's very dense and picks up the right amount of eyeshadow. When I saw the brush, I thought it's going to be too big for my crease but  I was wrong. It worked beautifully!
  • Accent brush: This brush can be used for smudging, highlighting your eyebrows and the inner corner of your eyes. This is the cutest brush I've seen!
  • Base shadow brush: Used for patting in your eyeshadows! This brush is pointed a little and that really helps with applying eyeshadow in your lid.
  • Fine liner brush: This brush is used for lining your eyes with either cream eyeliner or liquid eyeliner. Get those wings flick!
  • Brow brush: Yup! You guessed it right again! It's used for your eyebrowzz! Filling and shaping your eyebrows with this brush will be a breeze since it's angled.

Blush Brush ($11.01 CAD) 
  • Blush brush: The bristles are not as dense so the application of your favourite blush will be awesome! It distributes your blush evenly! You can also use this for contouring. 

This brush is pretty much my favourite! It's very very soft and very very fluffy - I don't know how I can emphasize that (and yea, it's pink) haha.

Overall, the price is worth it. The quality of these brushes are amazing.
As a "beginner" in the makeup world, I think I'm gonna hold on to these for a very long time.
If you're looking for brushes, I highly recommend Real Techniques!



  1. I was just thinking about buying some Real Techniques brushes today! (the buffing brush more specifically) You can actually find them sometimes at Walmart!

    Renee | Lose The Road

    1. Yaaa they do but whenever I go, they're out of stock.
      So I just ordered it online and my patience was tested. haha.