What I've been loving this April.

You. Yes, you! :D

Hello everybody!
It's the time of the month where almost every b/vloggers post their favourites.
I've never done anything like this before and I think it's fun grabbing all the things I've been using/loving/eating (yep, there's food) and showing it to you guys. 

Hand creams. Always a must have for me and this hand cream from Body Shop 
works wonderfully well. It's very moisturizing and it also strengthens your nails (2-in-1, 
who doesn't want that). Another thing, if you're a huge fan of almond scent, 
this will be your favourite too!

This body butter from Body Shop is amazzzing. I always apply this before I go to bed and 
when I wake up, my skin is so soft. It does wonders. Plus, it smells so good. I tried 
a lot of their different scent and my favourite would be Cocoa Butter and 
Strawberry Butter (it's just so fruity). 

I would like to point out that this post is not sponsored by Body Shop. Haha.
Having said that, my face is loving this tea tree BB cream. I've mentioned in my 
previous posts that I have a good skin and I don't use foundation all the time. 
This BB cream gives a medium coverage and it's very hydrating to my skin. 
Some people don't like the smell of this cream when they apply it but I love it. 

Okay, this month was the most busiest time in school. Had to stay up late to study for exams 
and even prepare for presentations. This concealer was used every single time 
(I believe so). As you can see, I'm running out of it. Great for under eyes coverage!

I think this mascara is everyone's favourite. No? Okay. Well, it's mine! 
I'm not only loving it this month. I've been loving this for so long and as I said, 
this is my first time posting 'Favourites' and I decided to put this up as well. I don't have 
long eyelashes that some of you do, but when I use this, BAM! it gives my eyelashes 
a lot of volume! Very easy to apply as well. (The only thing I don't like is the name, 
why can't it be "Better than Macarons" or something. Why Too Faced? Why?).

Love this thing. I just realized that both mascaras are in the same colour. Guess I'm 
loving the colour as well! When it comes to makeup, I'm a huge fan of mascaras. 
It brightens your eyes and makes it a lot bigger (yea, I got some chinky eyes). 
This mascara is great in separating your eyelashes and I just love that.

I'm not a fan of lipsticks (yea, right). I love seeing them in stores though. But, this lip balm 
from L'Oreal is great! It's moisturizing and gives your lips a little hint of colour.
 This balm is in 418 Caring Coral.

This top coat from Revlon is amazing. If you want the gel look, this will be great for you. After finding this in the store, this top coat is now the only one I'm using. I only bought one coloured nail polish in their range but this top coat works great with all brands.

Yes, it's necessary to post. This chocolate will always be found in all my bags and purse. 
I've been snacking this in school, subway, anywhere. It's dark chocoalate, 
which I'm a fan of, and they're easy to sneak in! 

Three candles in one photo, awesome! Haha. This candle is from Bath and Body Works and 
it's the Guava Colada. You know Pina Colada? That's how this smells like but with guava. 
(I'm not good in explaining scents. haha.) I love it's packaging as well. It's ombre and 
when it's lighted, it reminds me of sunset.

Hope you like this long post about what I've been loving. Haha.
What are your favourites this month? 
Maybe I love them too!


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  1. Great picks! I want to try that BB cream!
    Those chocolates are one of my favorites! Especially the pomegranate!

    Renee | Lose The Road